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With eco-friendly materials fast becoming rising stars in the world of refurbishments, there are multiple benefits of using architectural films and how they can refurbish existing surfaces. Gone are the days when wrapping was exclusive to vehicles; architectural films have opened up a wealth of design possibilities to you.


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We are supporting our clients through the use of sustainable refurbishment. Ensuring there is less waste to landfill while ensuring cost effectiveness of projects.



Many different sectors can utilise the key benefits of a refurbishment with Architectural finishes.



Revitalise your vessels with IMO & Defence Standard certified architectural finishes minimising drydock time and reducing running costs.



Our Architectural finishes range has over 1400 different styles, this ensures there will always be a pattern that will suit your refurbishment project, whether it be a stone, concrete or a fine wood grain.


Architectural films offer a cost effective and time saving solution compared with traditional methods of refurbishment. Installations can be completed without the need for closures, this minimises disruption to your business activities. The use of Architectural finishes also reduces environmental impact by minimising waste going to land fill and can cover many different applications from marine and aviation to healthcare and hospitality. Each of our installations is delivered with precision and benefits from one year’s installation warranty alongside the manufacturers expected lifespan of up to 12 years.


In collaboration with leading designers from across the globe, these new, trend-setting patterns will give you even more ways to create stunning visual effects on a variety of surfaces.

Samples Available

We have over 1600 patterns to choose from in our ranges, readily available for any project you might have. Follow the link below to request yours.

Sustainable Solutions

On average, it costs seven times more to rip out and replace interiors. Using architectural finishes is a novel way to up-cycle existing fixtures and fittings, rather than send to landfill. Each project can contribute points towards a LEED certification emphasising the sustainability benefits of architectural finishes.

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