Using Protection Film To Your Advantage!

In a new series of blogs, the team here at NRJ's headquarters are going to highlight some of the benefits of using our range of products in your renovation or even new build projects! This blog post will explain to you the benefits of using our protection film in applications where using our Architectural finishes is not appropriate.

When talking about expensive marble, granite and other stone fixtures, what started out as car Paint Protection Film doesn't spring to mind first! Paint Protection Film was created first to protect the paintwork of exotic and expensive super car's from stone chips and road derbies. Expensive cars can be expensive paint jobs! 

One of our project manager's saw the potential in the product to be applied elsewhere. In some projects our Architectural finishes are not specified for certain applications, not because they are not good enough! (We will have another blog post about our AR (Abrasion Resistant) Architectural Finishes range) but because the client may want high quality premium metals or stones in different area's on show or behind the scenes. This can cause a headache for maintence and up keep though as some of these premium finishes can be damaged quite easily and in high traffic area's this can be more of a problem!

Area’s of high traffic can cause problems when using premium finishes because of the increased wear and tear from people and equipment either walking, touching or using the surfaces. Our range of protection films helps protect those expensive stone finishes from stains, etching and certain impact damage. As you can see in the picture detailed alcohol, cleaners, pretty much any liquid that has a high or low PH can etch the porous surface of granite's and marbles. 

Our range forms a protective barrier between the substrate and the potential for damage, what is great about the film is that is 100% removable after application, this means it can be replaced if the films catches any damage and the substrate underneath will still be perfect. As well as etching it can protect against some impact damage, ensuring if an item is dropped on the surface it will be protected.

ppf marble image

When it comes down to how Protection Film can protect the high quality surfaces you seek to protect, the film itself is manufactured with a few different layers, each has its own job in ensuring that the surface below stays as pristine as it was when it was installed.


We hope this blog post has shed some light on the potential benefits our Protection Film can have specifying it on your next refurbishment or new build project! Keep an eye out for future blogs where we will be explaining other products from our range so we can offer you a cost effective alternative than completely replacing fixtures and fittings. (It also has the added benefit of being Eco-friendly!)

Welcome to our New Website!

Welcome to our new website!


Here at NRJ we have been developing not one but two new websites! as NRJ is primarily split up into two business we have had new website created to deliver you the best possible experience when looking for information about the products we deliver.


Tell us what you think about our new websites!