Frequently asked questions

This depends on the size and complexity of the project. Vinyl has the advantage of being quicker than paint because the job only needs doing once, here is an example.

To paint a waterline stripe you have to
1. mask the stripe
2. prep the surface
3. spray a primer
4. spray a 1st coat
5. spray a finish coat
6. remove masking so you are going down the boat 6 times.

To apply a vinyl stripe you only go down the boat once, and at most twice if the stripe is tapering. It is not that vinyl is cheaper but rather that you do the job fewer times.

Paint has been argued as being more durable and tougher than a film, however, this depends on the quality of paint and vinyl being compared, one thing that can not be argued is that paint is less convenient, costly to repair and suffers considerable Health & Safety/Green issues compared to vinyl.
In order to get the best durability, vinyl selection is very critical because some films perform better in certain situations than others. On one end of the scale there are industrial films used on floors in production plants and shopping centres and at the other end there are delicate decorative films for walls, there are films on planes, cars, trains, busses and boats so it is difficult to talk about ‘durability’ across the board – however we would expect a correctly selected film to give very good durability

There are 2 levels for repairing vinyl.
The first is owner/crew repairs, which are carried out on the fly, this usually involves a ‘patch’ over a damaged area (in the same colour) to give colour consistency in that area. This is a very convenient solution for small areas and while the boat is out in service.
The second level is for larger damaged areas, and this is best repaired by skilled fitters.

Yes, far easier than paint!
Its not a fun job but essentially its just a case of peeling the vinyl back. Subject to how long the film has been applied it may leave some adhesive residue behind. This is easily removed with a mild solvent and elbow grease.
Here is a big advantage for vinyl films, you can buy a new boat in white, colour it in vinyl and when you come to sell strip it back to white – revealing a brand new gel/painted surface to potential new owners.

Yes! Our team of Project Managers and Installation teams can travel worldwide to ensure your project gets completed to the highest standard.