Revitalise your interiors with IMO & Defence Standard certified architectural finishes. Available in over 1400 patterns, you can replicate the look and feel of high quality materials such as wood, leather, marble or stone.

"Architectural finishes are versatile yet refined"

With architectural finishes, regular maintenance is quick and easy you can keep up to date with interior design trends without the need to rip out old fixtures, this is a time-saving alternative to installing new materials, this lighter weight solution helps save on energy and fuel costs.

From the saloon to the master suite, you can revitalise the look and feel of your vessel inside and out with luxurious patterns that are perfect for refurbishments and re-fits. You can completely customise interiors and exteriors, whether you dream of the classic, cosy look or something a little more avant-garde. These dynamic finishes transform spaces and can be applied almost anywhere. With a sophisticated, high-end look that will last up to 12 years, they are durable, revitalise your spaces and bring old fixtures back to life.


Key Benefits

Reduce the time your vessel/aircraft is inoperable due to maintenance. Get back to enjoying your investment much sooner.

Lighter weight materials mean you can transform the look and feel without unnecessary additional energy consumption or weight.

Choose from a wide range of finishes to transform the look and feel of your vessel/aircraft interior or exterior.

Enhance the visual appearance of your hull with our range of surface protection ceramics or films.

All of our architectural finishes are compliant to Defence Standard 07-247 and NAG Group rated to A1.

All of our architectural finishes are IMO certified.

We can apply our surface protection films to wood and stone finishes
to protect against weathering and damage.

Protection and Solar control films protect from UV exposure and reduce
heat absorption while maintaining a sleek visual appearance.

Surface Protection Specialists


Application of clear surface protection films helps protect from general wear and tear, eliminating paint and other damage. The film is easy removed and doesn’t leave any residue on the surface beneath when removed or replaced. It is extremely hard wearing, primarily for high wear areas, cap rails, areas where fenders rub, high traffic areas that might damage gel coats.

Not just limited to the exterior, all types of interior surfaces that are vulnerable to scuffs and scratches, high gloss varnish surfaces, painted surfaces, wooden furniture and panelling, glass or stone table tops, stairwells, dashboards, tables, and window sills can all benefit from the protection properties provided by our range of surface protection films.

With Gtechniq surface solutions your yacht will look like it's just been painted. We understand the constant wear and tear a working yacht is subjected to. Localised damage, for example abrasion from fenders and mooring warps, needs to be quick, easy and inexpensive to fix. Our marine maintenance products offer a solution to these problems. Our range includes easy to use gloss rejuvenators, fender and tender cleaners and sealants, glass and perspex coatings and much more.


Solar Control

Our range of solar control films provide innovative solutions to increase the safety and performance of glass panels by addressing the specific needs related to temperature control, glare, harmful UV rays, security, privacy and design. Depending on application, these films can reduce heat gain and glare and provide more comfort when out at sea. The films can also provide you with added security for you and your processions as well as preventing interior furnishings from fading.


Our Endorsements

We believe in providing our clients with the best possible service, this is why we have been endorsed by the leading supplier of architectural finishes. All of our installation teams have all the relevant certifications to complete work on any site whether this is working in a confined space or working at height.

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