Available Finishes

Within our Architectural finishes range we have over 1400 different styles, this ensures there will always be a pattern that will suit your refurbishment project, whether it be a stone concrete finish or a fine wood grain. Find your copy of of pattern books below.

di-noc book cover

3M - Di-Noc

Our new 2018 - 2020 range of Di-Noc finishes has in excess of 1200 patterns available to your project, ensuring you always find the right pattern for your refurbishment.


LG Hausys - Benif

Our new 2019 - 2020 range of LG architectural finishes has a wide range of patterns available, ensuring your sustainable refurbishment or fit out can stay modern and sleek.

Coverstyl BROCHURE

Cover Styl'


fasara book cover

3M - Fasara

3M Fasara Decorative Glass Films are a versatile, high-style, low-cost option for enhancing design and privacy on glass surfaces. Perfect for privacy, decorative and architectural applications.