Why Architectural films?

Sustainable Refurbishment

Architectural films offer a cost effective and time saving solution compared with traditional methods of refurbishment. Installations can be completed without the need for closures, this minimises disruption to your business activities. The use of Architectural finishes can cover many different applications from marine and aviation to healthcare and hospitality.

All materials used in any of our projects adhere to strict set of regulations and requirements, we ensure all materials are fire resistant and conform to the relevant British Standard or relevant geographical counterpart along with smoke and toxicity testing standards. Each of our installations is delivered with precision and benefits from one year’s installation warranty alongside the manufacturers expected lifespan of up to 12 years.

Key Benefits

Cost Saving

Using Architectural films to complete your refurbishment you can significantly reduce cost compared to traditional refurbishing as proven by our case studies.


Our Architectural films exceed expectations when it comes to durability, they offer increased resistance to abrasion and damage, some grater than the original surface provided. We can also provide you finishes from our Abrasion Resistant range.

Fire Resistant

Our Architectural films are fire resistant and conform to the relevant British Standard and any other relevant EU legislation, Your project manager can provide you with the relevant certifications.


We only usearchitectural films that are Heavy Metal Free and use 100% Phthalate free plasticisers.

Reliable Quality

Even when we subject our test pieces to extreme stresses and a variety of temperatures and environmental conditions, the finishes remain stable.

Stain Resistant

Our Architectural finishes have been tested against common stains, to which 99% were removed with no lasting effects. Most staining can be removed with water, if that fails a little mild detergent will remove the stain.

Less Disruption

There are no toxic fumes and virtually no power tools used, this means less disruption to your businesses daily activities and the refurbishment work is normally completed long before a traditional refurbishment would be.

Easy to Repair

We know that surfaces can be damaged, our installation teams can repair any damage to one of our finishes and match the pattern so any repair will not damage the visual appearance of any finish.

Minimal Disruption


Architectural films can be applied in-situ with little to no disruption or waste. Little equipment and minimal preparation work is needed, meaning less downtime, costs and inconvenience.

Our range of materials are lightweight and conformable ensuring they can be applied to various shapes and contours, panels can be overlapped, or butt-joined depending on the material used.

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Sustainable Solutions

On average, it costs seven times more to rip out and replace interiors. Using architectural finishes is a novel way to up-cycle existing fixtures and fittings, rather than send to landfill. Each project can contribute towards creating a circular economy and provide points towards a LEED certification, emphasising the sustainability benefits of architectural finishes.

It’s a budget-friendly option when costs are being squeezed, allowing businesses to refresh a venue more frequently or at a lower cost. Our finishes are also highly durable - lasting for an average of 12 years on interior surfaces - meaning it can work out more cost effective over the lifetime of the product, when compared to fabric, paint or veneer.

Instead or ripping out the serving area's our client opted to use architectural finishes rather than replace. Quite often the fixtures and fittings themselves are still usable only needing a styling update. This not only provides a cheaper option for the client but also keeps unnecessary waste from landfills helping to reduce the impact refurbishments are having in the current climate epidemic.

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Everyday Applications

Our range of materials can be applied to virtually any surface, offering sleek and vibrant finishes, refreshing surfaces and reducing waste by uplifting existing fixtures and fittings. Projects can be completed in less time than traditional methods while keeping up with current design trends.

Cost Chart
  • Hotel Rooms

  • Locker Rooms

  • Wash Rooms

  • Receptions

  • Lecture Halls

  • Student Accomadation

  • Terminals

  • Show Rooms

  • Hospital Ward

  • Deck Heads

  • Recreational Areas



Our design teams look at the latest trends when it comes to interior design and ergonomics, this ensures we can create an appealing and invigorating environment that complements your brand.

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Our installation teams have all the relevant certifications to complete work on any site whether this is working in a confined space or working at height, we are also fully trained in all aspects of architectural film, we are one of a few 3M Endorsed Installers.

Safety By Choice, Not By Chance

We take health and safety very seriously, as well as our install teams being trained to administer first aid, any install that we complete will have a set of Risk assessment and method statements as well as a COSHH assessment ensuring all safety requirements have been met.

Our Endorsements

We believe in providing our clients with the best possible service, this is why we have been endorsed by the leading supplier of architectural finishes. All of our installation teams have all the relevant certifications to complete work on any site whether this is working in a confined space or working at height.

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